Surrey Hills – Brick Pavers

The original brick pavers were removed and concrete base was installed to raise the surface level (it was so low that rainwater constantly went under the house).  Flashing was then installed on the side directly against the house for double measure.  The old bricks then reused and polymeric sand was used to fill the joints between the bricks.

Mont Albert – Full Landscape

This landscape project was for a newly constructed house.  This included Merbau side gate, granite pavers for the side of the house, turf  on the front and rear of the house, and retaining walls along side of the house.

Scroll through the gallery to check out before and after pictures.

Keysborough – Full Landscape

Landscaping project for newly constructed house.  This included granite pavers on the side of the house, retaining walls on the rear and side, treated pine gate and side fence, decking (as featured in carpentry project), and turf.

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